Interviews with 4 members of Brisbane Writers’ Group

Salim Al Tuwaiya

What is Brisbane writers’ opinion on writers groups?

Perhaps the answer to this question requires interviewing a large number of writers, but in fact, meetings with writers at the Brisbane Cultural Centre, public library in George Street, Garden City library and other locations, and at activities announced by writers groups across their websites, confirm that there is a demand for these groups.

Here I put some questions for four writers (females) belonging to Brisbane Writers Group.

Opportunities and Encouraging

Do you think that belonging to a writers group supports the writer? Why?

Lee Finn
Lee Finn

Lee Finn the organizer of Brisbane Writers Groups, says, ‘I think it has several supportive benefits. It gives the writers the opportunity to meet with others who share their interests in writing and this contributes to their own identity as a writer. It is a source of information regarding competition details, publishing and educational opportunities. It allows group members access to the Queensland Writers Centre membership benefits. It is a chance to read their writing and receive feedback from other writers who are usually representative of a range of readers as well. It is also a means of encouraging the practical process of writing through providing a deadline for the completion of a monthly writing exercise. It is an opportunity for people to gain knowledge from other members of the group.’ Continue reading